#163 How to observe a lesson with Adam Boxer

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This episode of the Mr Barton Maths Podcast is kindly supported by Oxford University Press’s new Key Stage 3 maths curriculum called Mosaic.

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Episode details

This time around I spoke to science teacher and author, Adam Boxer. We discussed Adam’s process for observing lessons, giving feedback and coaching teachers.

Our conversation addressed the following questions, and plenty more:

  • What were Adam’s early experiences both being observed and observing others?
  • How does Adam now observe and give feedback?
  • Can non-specialists observe as well as subject specialists?

Whatever your style of teaching, experience or subject, I think you will get a lot out of this conversation.

Useful time-stamps:

  • What did Adam’s lesson observations use to look like? (10:55)
  • What does Adam do before observing a lesson? (41:48)
  • What does Adam do in the lesson he is observing? (54:45)
  • What does Adam do between the lesson and the feedback session? (1:25:18)
  • What does the feedback session look like? (1:27:48)
  • How does this fit into a coaching cycle? (1:49:38)
  • Should non-subject specialists observe lessons? (1:58:09)
  • Adam discusses Caroseul and his secret project (2:05:41)
  • My takeaway (2:0957)

Videos from our conversation:

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Stuff from Adam

On Twitter Adam is: @adamboxer1
Adam’s blog is: achemicalorthodoxy.wordpress.com
Adam’s book is: Teaching Secondary Science: a complete guide
Find out more about Carousel Learning here: carousel-learning.com
Sign up for updates about Adam’s secret project here

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