GCSE Maths Countdown: Days 100 to 91

As I mentioned in a previous post, each day I am tweeting out one Higher and one Foundation Maths GCSE Diagnostic Question. I have chosen these to cover as wide a range of the course content as possible. Students can answer these on their phones, tablet or computers, and then benefit from reading 100s of explanations from students all around the world until they find one that makes sense to them.

Tweet times:

8am from @mrbartonmaths

5pm from @MathsDQs

8pm from @mrbartonmaths

I have assembled the questions from Days 100 to 91 into two quizzes. You might want to assign these to your students as a homework activity to identify any areas of weakness.

I will continue to do this with each bundle of 10 daily questions up until the exam.

Assign Higher Days 100 to 91

Assign Foundation Days 100 to 91


2 thoughts on “GCSE Maths Countdown: Days 100 to 91

  1. My Y11s really enjoyed the first 3 bundles of GCSE Higher Countdown questions, and the questions are excellent for revealing their misconceptions, but I haven’t been able to find the bundles for days 70 to 61 onwards. I would prefer to set them as bundles rather than day by day. Please can you let me know where I might find them? Thanks

  2. Hi Kathryn,
    I stopped creating these bundles as we decided to give away the Daily GCSE Revision Streams for free, so each day students log on they get 2 brand new questions, and you as their teacher get send a pdf report of their performance each day. I’d strongly recommend this – as I say, it is completely free – but if not you could always build the 10 question quizzes using the daily GCSE Countdown questions that I tweet out via @mrbartonmaths.
    Cheers, Craig

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