GCSE Maths 20 Topic Revision Plan

With the Maths GCSE exams fast approaching, and still a great deal of uncertainty still floating ominously in the air, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a revision programme that focused on the fundamentals. Whatever twists and turns await our students in the summer, there is no doubt that a solid grasp of the basics will stand them in good stead.

So, along with the Academies and Enterprise Trust, I have devised a 20 Topic Revision Plan. This is predominantly aimed at students taking the Higher Tier, but many of the units directly cross-over to Foundation. The questions have been written by Edexcel, but are equally suitable if your students are taking AQA or OCR. The focus is on securing the basics – so, whilst you won’t find any quadratic inequalities or inverse functions, you will find wide coverage of all the key algebraic, geometrical, numeric and statistical skills that students are likely to need to secure a Grade 6 and above.

I have arranged this Revision Plan into a 20 week Scheme of Work, with each week containing one topic. You can start this when you want, easily manipulate the order of the topics with simple drag and drop, and then assign it to your classes with a couple of clicks. Once you have done this your students will receive a quiz every Friday to complete over the weekend based on that week’s topic. Three weeks later they will also receive a follow-up quiz based on that topic to see if their understanding is secure. All quizzes are automatically marked, students can answer them on our free student mobile app, and you will benefit from a deep insight into their areas of strength and weakness.

You might be thinking: this sounds great, but I bet it is a right pain to set up. I promise you it is not. Three minutes at most! I have recorded a short video showing you how easy it is here:

And should you want a preview of the quizzes, or even to set them independently to this revision plan, then here they are:

Calculations, Rounding and Indices
Factors, Multiples, Primes, Standard Form & Bounds
Basic Algebra
Inequalities and Brackets
Coordinates and Real Life Graphs
Linear and non-Linear Graphs
Fractions and Percentages
Ratio and Proportion
Multiplicative Reasoning
Direct and Inverse Proportion
Angles and Polygons
Pythagoras and Trigonometry
Perimeter, Area and Circles
Similarity and Congruence
Averages and Scatter Graphs
Cumulative frequency, Box Plots and Histograms
Collecting Data and Sampling

I really hope you and your students find them useful.

4 thoughts on “GCSE Maths 20 Topic Revision Plan

  1. Can I Use this at home to help my son prepare for his exams ….his school hasn’t signed up. Sorry if this if I’m missing something but we are trying to get used to this sort of approach…..I’m still in the time of paper!!!

    Love your videos.

  2. Yes, the best thing to do is for your son to simply try each of the quizzes out himself. No need to set up the SOW

  3. I’m a maths teacher just arrived at Oldfield School last week. HOM happy for me to use your 20 diagnostic tests with GCSE higher revision as a club open to all Year 11. How do I set up or get things set up at school to use this please?

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