#097 Exam malpractice – Inside Exams with AQA

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Something a bit different for this episode of the Mr Barton Maths Podcast

You may or may not know that I also host a podcast called Inside Exams, where I go behind the scenes of the English awarding body, AQA, to find out the answers to the questions you want to know. Each episode features an interview with someone from AQA, and then with a teacher who shares practical tips about how they have overcome a particular issue. We have covered everything from how the papers are written, how grade boundaries are set, multiple choice questions, and just how do AQA react on the day of the exam when Twitter is going mental.

We are currently in the middle of Season 2, so I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you one of my favourite episodes from that season. It is all about malpractice – the kind of things that students and teachers do, both deliberate and accidental, that may jeopardise a candidate’s – or indeed a whole group of candidates’ – results.

Aa well as hearing from one of AQA’s experts, you will also hear from an exam’s officer in a school, who tells us the measures she puts in place to ensure exam season runs as smoothly as possible.

I have chosen this episode as it was a real eye-opener for me. It will certainly keep me on my toes when dealing with exams in the future.

I really hope you enjoy this episode. And for more like this, check out Inside Exams wherever you get your podcasts from.

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Thanks so much for listening, and I really hope you enjoy the show!
Craig Barton

Twitter: @mrbartonmaths

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