Diagnostic Questions in Students’ Exercise Books

One of our NQTs, Jess Murphy, showed me a lovely way she has been using the new pdf feature of her Year 8 students’ responses to a Diagnostic Question quiz. And she has kindly allowed me to share it with you!

For those of you who have not spotted this feature (there is a lovely video here all about it!), you can now print off a very nice pdf of each of your students’ responses to a quiz. This shows their answer, their explanation, the correct answer and… now let me get this bit right… either the Number 1 most liked explanation, or any explanation they themselves have liked!

And it looks like this:


Click here to download the pdf of the full thing.

Now, what Jess does is to set her students the quiz, and then print off the pdf. She then slices the correct explanations off and gets her students to stick the remainder of the sheets in their books. Jess then gets her Year 8s back on the site, reviewing the quiz, choosing their favourite explanation for each question (even if they have got it right) and physically writing this explanation in their books.

And here it what it looks like:


The advantage of this is that Jess knows her students are taking the time to read and like explanations, they are resolving their own misconceptions as they go, and she has some lovely evidence of their work in their books. Everyone’s a winner!

Loving your work, Miss Murphy and your Year 8s 🙂

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