Diagnostic Question Bundles 4: Time, Pythagoras, Surds, Algebra and more

Not quite as many new sets of maths diagnostic (hinge) questions as I would have liked this week, but I do have a good excuse…

I have completely rewritten the taxonomy / subject list used to categorise and find questions, making it far more detailed. I needed to do this to make it easier to find the exact kind of questions you are looking for. So now, for example, when you click on Fractions, you now get sub categories, such as Adding and Subtracting Fractions, Fractions of a Shape, Fractions of an Amount, etc.

Rewriting the taxonomy was the fun part. Slightly less enjoyable has been going through every single one of the 2600 questions and re-tagging them. But, as painful and tedious as this has been at times, it has reminded me just how good the questions we have on the website are. Questions written and created by the website’s wonderful  talented users… you 🙂

In addition, Simon has added another feature to search which I am calling Smart Search. On the Questions page, you can now start typing in the subject you want, and hopefully it will find it for you 🙂

This is just the start of new improvement to the website that will be arriving in the coming months. I hope you like them, and feedback is always welcome.

Anyway, onto this week’s questions…

Introducing writing expressions and solving linear equations

Using the correct formula for Pythagoras Theorem

Telling the time from Clocks

The shapes and positions of different types of graphs

Operations with surds, such and simplifying and rationalising the denominator

I hope you and your students find them useful. And please, if you get a chance, get creating some questions. It is a great thing to do with a colleague when thinking about the key points of a topic, and a superb challenge to set your students to really test their understanding of a topic.

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