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What is it?
Often one of the topics new AS Maths students find the most challenging is Coordinate Geometry. The problem is that they have studied all the basic skills needed at GCSE, so some students do not tend to approach the topic with maybe the same concentration as they maybe would with something new , like differentiation or integration. But whilst the basic skills of Coordinate Geometry are undoubtedly the same as at GCSE (find gradients, midpoints, etc), the demands of applying them in a range of contexts are significantly more difficult at AS level. This lesson, made up of tasks and activities, enables students both to fully appreciate the complexity, and approach the topic in a challenging but engaging way.

How can it be used?
The lesson is really well structured. The starter is straight out of GCSE, and serves to remind students of the core skills they need to know. Following on from this, you might want to make the handy printed notes available to the students, as these cover all the core skills they need. And then it is all about application! I would be tempted to get students working in groups, and to hand them one oy my favourite lesson tools – a Desmos Counter! This can be exchanged at any stage for 2 minutes on Desmos, which will enable students to visualise and manipulate the coordinates and lines to hopefully make the concepts less abstract. And then, of course, fire up Desmos when going through the answers. A really lovely, important lesson.

Thanks so much for sharing

Craig Barton

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