Circle Theorems Revision Exercise: TES Maths Resource of the Week

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What is it?
I absolutely love a pile-up activity and over the years on Tes Maths we have seen some great ones.
Pile-ups are great because they look different to a sheet of practice questions, and thus students are perhaps more likely to engage and put the required effort in to solve the, and yet to solve them they end up doing a hell of a lot of necessary practice.

However, I had not seen a pile-up activity on circle theorems before… until now! Students must work their way through the alphabet, filling in all the missing information using their knowledge of circle theorems. It is not an easy task, and fortunately the answers can be cleverly revealed by running the PowerPoint slide.

How can it be used?
This resource is something that would replace the traditional practice questions I would give my students. It would probably be best used at the end of a circle theorems teaching unit, or during a period of revision for GCSE exams. All the main circle theorems are included, so students really do need to be on their toes both in terms of identifying the relevant theorem and then remembering exactly what the theorem says. This is the exact ability we need our students to develop if they are to be successful with circle theorem questions when presented in isolation in an exam.

Thank you for sharing!
Craig Barton

Download: Circle Theorems Revision Exercise
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