Angle Facts: New Secondary Maths Curriculum Collection 14

Each fortnight, I will put together a selection of resources designed to help cover the objectives of the new 2014 maths curriculum for secondary schools (Key Stage 3). These are all freely available from the TES website.

You can find the full collection here

I hope you find them useful


Pupils should be taught to:

apply the properties of angles at a point, angles at a point on a straight line, vertically opposite angles 

Missing angles Catchphrase activity

A Catchphrase-style activity based on missing angles around a point and on a straight line.

Missing-angle treasure-hunt game

A treasure-hunt activity that requires pupils to match questions with answers. Can also be used as a domino activity too.
Angle facts – Collective memory

Collective memory activity on angles facts, encouraging team work and communication to try and remember as much information from a poster displayed on the board.
Missing angles Top Trumps

A Top Trumps card game based on number facts. Pupils have to work out from the diagrams on their cards which will give them the greatest power to win an opponent’s card.


understand and use the relationship between parallel lines and alternate and corresponding angles 

Angles in parallel lines

A comprehensive PowerPoint presentation based on angles in parallel lines. Has some great demonstrations as well as some easy and tricky questions for pupils to attempt.
Angles in parallel lines quiz

A quiz based on angles in parallel lines which can be used with Qwizdom remotes as an interactive quiz.
Angles in parallel lines: Quiz, quiz, trade

A Kagan activity that encourages pupils to communicate with each other in order to collect cards with angle properties they need to complete their own set.


derive and use the sum of angles in a triangle and use it to deduce the angle sum in any polygon, and to derive properties of regular polygons 

Interior and exterior angles
This maths investigation encourages students to work out the interior and exterior angles of polygons.
Interior/exterior angles
Differentiated mixed questions on interior and exterior angles of polygons.
Properties of quadrilaterals: Group activity
Framework for pupils to investigate and record the properties of quadrilaterals.


apply angle facts, triangle congruence, similarity and properties of quadrilaterals to derive results about angles and sides, including Pythagoras’ Theorem, and use known results to obtain simple proofs 

Congruent shapes starter
Quick starter to revise meaning on congruence in combination with properties of shapes.
MangaHigh: Recognise congruent shapes
MangaHigh Prodigi on recognising congruent shapes.
Investigation on congruent triangles
Investigation to encourage discussion on how information can help to reproduce congruent shapes.

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