Angle Facts – Guess the Misconception

Following the Easter break, and far too much chocolate, Guess the Misconception returns, with a run right up until the GCSE Maths Exam. The idea is simple – can you predict what the most common wrong answer students around the world gave to a question? This is based around my belief that often we, as teacher, are not always aware of the mistakes our students make, or the misconceptions they hold.

Last time we looked at bearings (see previous post for the results), and this week we turn our attention to angle facts.

How will you fare predicting the most common student misconception on this question on bearings, which is again taken from the free GCSE Higher Revision Stream, that over 10,000 students across the UK have signed up to. And if you haven’t yet signed up, then with less than 50 days to go until the Maths GCSE, now is the perfect time to jump on board!

Can you predict the most common way students went wrong with this one? Get your votes in, share with your colleagues and students to see what they think, and the answers will be revealed next week!

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