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How about some videos of sneaky maths tricks, ways of doing sums faster than a calculator, and some very dodgy dividing?... I hope you enjoy them!

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I used to think James Blunt was a bit sad. But anyone who is so passionate about triangles can't be that bad, right?...


it's like mathematical kareoke!


having problems with percentages?... problem solved!


when i draw circles on the board, they don't always come out quite like this...


the bad maths mistakes in big name movies are finally exposed...


what, some more?...


don't let anyone pull this trick on you...


28 divided by 7 is 13, right?...


anyone keen for some reggae fractions?


or some american pi...


or what about a mathematical love song to impress that special someone?...


a very famous trick that "proves" 2 = 1. can you spot the mistake they make?


i know what you need... someone rapping about decimals.


if you are looking for help with circles, then look no further!


all together now: mean, median, mode!


can you work out how this card trick is done using only maths?... i think I have got it... sort of!


what about a maths trick with matches to impress your friends?


can you work out (104) sqaured in 5 seconds?... neither could I, until i watched this video!


if you ever struggle remebering your 9 times table, why not use your hand instead of your head?


do you want to be able to do sums like 13 x 14 in under three seconds? well, this little tutorial might just be for you!


a very clever (and a very sneaky) "proof" that 2 x 2 = 5. can you spot the mistake?

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