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Venn Diagram Rich Tasks

I began to see the huge potential for the use of Venn Diagrams as a rich task from my constant source of inspiration – the amazing Median Maths Blog, by Don Steward. He created a lovely Straight Line Graphs Venn Diagrams task that you can access here.

Here is why I love Venn Diagram activities so much:
1) Students can always make a start. If they can think of a number/expression/object or whatever it might be, it has to go in one of the regions on the diagram, so they are up and running
2) The more regions student find, the more challenging the task gets, which adds a nice element of differentiation
3) They are incredibly versatile, and can be used for almost all maths topics for all ages and abilities
4) They are very quick to create and require no special resources
5) They are easy to tweak by simply changing one of the circle labels if you find they are too difficult/easy
6) Students can create their own as an extension task

Give them a go, and if you or your pupils cannot resist the urge to create your own Venn Diagram tasks, please let me know

And a huge thank you to Erica Richards for helping create these activities. We both really hope you enjoy them.


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1. Types of Number
4. Fractions
6. Size of Numbers
12. Negative Number Arithmetic
14. Indices
17. Surds
18. Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
19. Inequalities
20. Ratio

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3. Straight Line Graphs
7. Algebraic Substitution
9. Quadratic Graphs
10. Quadratic Equations
13. Completing the Square
16. Transformation of Functions
19. Inequalities
22. Co-ordinates
23. Types of Graph
24. Sequences 

Shape and Spacekeyboard_arrow_up
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2. Properties of Quadrilaterals
11. 3D Shapes
15. Perimeter, Area and Volume
21. Angles in Triangles 

Data and Statisticskeyboard_arrow_up
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5. Averages and Range
8. Probability