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Arithmagon Rich Tasks

I got inspiration for this series of Maths Arithmagons activities from Jonny Griffith’s wonderful RISPs ebook. If you haven’t downloaded it, it is available for free here

Here is why I love Arithmagons so much:
1) They are so simple to create and don’t require any special resources
2) Working forwards allows students to consolidate key mathematical concepts
3) Working backwards encourages deep mathematical thinking and creativity, hence effective differentiation
4) They are so versatile they can be used for pretty much any mathematical topic
5) Students can be set the challenge of creating them for a wothwhile extension task / homework

Give them a go, and if you or your pupils cannot resist the urge to create your own Arithmagons, please let me know

And a huge thank you to Erica Richards for helping create these activities. We both really hope you enjoy them.


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1. Addition
2. Subtraction
3. Multiplication
4. Division
5. Adding Fractions
6. Multiplying Fractions
7. Dividing Fractions
12. Highest Common Factor

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8. Midpoints
9. Equations of Lines
10. Simplifying Expressions
11. Factorising Quadratics
14. Simultaneous Equations

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13. Cylinder: volume and surface area