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Here you will find links to download all of my favourite number related maths resources

Number - General Resources

tarsia jigsaws All the Tarsia jigsaw, domino and card sort activities for the Number topics
venn diagrams Venn Diagram activities covering Number topics and more
arithmagons Artithmagon activities covering Number topics and more
rich maths tasks Rich Maths Tasks, with probing questions, covering Number topics and more
build an army A series of fun strategy games, covering a wide variety of topics, that challenge students to think and be creative
GCSE assessments Free assessments, sorted by topic, and aligned to the new (2017) Maths GCSE specifications
diagnostic questions Top quality, free multiple choice questions on Number to indentify key misconceptions
worksheets Worksheets with worked solutions, video guides and interactive quizzes covering all Number topics and more
Number Topics
1. Arithmetic and Number Operations

2. Place Value

3. Rounding and Estimation


5. Factors, Multiples, Primes and Types of Numbers

6. Negative / Directed Numbers

7. Fractions

8. Decimals

9. Percentages

10. Fraction, Decimal, Percentage Equivalence

11. Using a Calculator

12. Ratio and Proportion

13. Indices and Standard Form

14. Surds