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Whenever you do maths as part of a game, it never seems quite as painful as when you are doing out of a textbook. Here is a collection of some of my favourite maths games that I have found (for free!) on the internet. At the bottom of the page there are some links to websites that offer a whole host of additional free maths games. Enjoy!

If you have come across a really good free maths game on the internet, then please let me know here

Please Note: you may need either Java or Flash enabled on your computer to play some of these games. Do not fear! Both are free, and you can download them by clicking on the links above.

Mr Barton's Favourite Maths Games

dupligon you see a shape for a few seconds and then you have to draw what you saw. sounds easier than it is. mr barton is currently scoring C-, and needs to stay after class for extra practise.
tutpup think you are a bit speedy on the old mental arithmetic? well then, why not test your ability against... people from all around the world! yes, play in live "Maths Battles" against players from the four corners of the globe. Play as a guest, or register (for free) to build up your playing statistics.
beat the chimp okay, so you are shown 5 numbers for a fraction of a second, and then you have to click on those numbers in numerical order. sounds easy, right? mr barton is averaging 3/10. the chimpanzee on this video averages 8/10.
rush hour just steer the car out of the car-park. Sounds easy? It's not!
sliding block puzzle can you figure out how to get the red block out of the hole at the end? If you can, then please could you let me know...

flying gonzo a very simple same with lots of potential for mathematical applications. One quite nice one can be found in my Autograph Activities book
pool with a twist are you any good at pool when there is only one hole, and when the ball goes off the left side of the screen it appears back on the right? have a go and see! Note: the pool comes as part of a free package of Torus Games which you can download by clicking the link on the left.
launch ball a great game from the science museum. you have to slide, bounce and spring your way through 30 obstacle filled levels. And once you have done that, try the near impossible "Extras" levels, or why not design some nasty levels yourself!
bloxorz this is a very challenging puzzle based game. sure, you might be able to get through the first few levels with trial and error, but how about level 11?
grand prix multiplication are you and your friend sat at different computers? then why not challenge them to a game of grand prix multiplication?

mathonaire can you answer chris tangent's questions to win a million?
john conway's game of life  this is not so much a game as a "cellular automation". it consists of a collection of cells which, based on a few mathematical rules, can live, die or multiply. depending on the initial conditions, the cells form various patterns throughout the course of the game. for a video example of how to create patterns, click here.
weakest link are you the weakest link?... goodbye.
brain box a nice set of on-line games from the BBC2 show of the same name. the show may have finsihed, but the games remain! the shaping up one is very good.
rubix cube four excellent on-line games from one of the world's simplest (and most frustrating!) toys. 

crossing the river a little exercise in logical thinking and problem solving. all you have to do is to guide people across the river in a boat. the first one is pretty easy, but then it gets a little difficult..
copy cat this game does my head in, largely becuase I am useless at it. you have to rotate a cube around to match a certain pattern. watch out, it's annoying! 
add em up

this is a first - a game mr barton is good at! it combines a bit of maths, a bit of strategy, and a bit of luck. mr barton's best score is 11100, and he is very proud of that! playing the on-line version is completely free, but you must pay to get the full downloadable one.

plupon a simple game, but quite an addictive one. all you have to do is pop 3 balloons at a time whose values add up to 10 or below. but pretty soon the floor begins to rise... 
tangram simply arrange the 4 pieces to fit into the shape. a good test of your spatial awareness skills - a test which mr barton failed rather spectacularly.

connect 4 an oldie, but a goodie!
fiver all the counters start off white. your job is to make them all black.
web sudoku sudoku - the puzzle that swept the world and is supposed to keep your brain young and healthy. now you can play over a billion puzzles, with difficulty from easy to evil, online, for free. or, why not try my own free on-line sudoku page here.
bauns not too mathsy this one, but quite addictive. launch the ball to destroy the bricks before your screen fills up.
bargain hunt mr barton appeared on this tv show once... and won £15. the problem was he had to split that with his team-mate, and then spend about £20 on transport costs. not exactly a bargain!
maths penalty shoot-out practise angle facts, times tables, number properties, multiplying fractions, or take a risk with a random bunch, and each time you get a question right, you score a goal!
The Bedlam Cube is possibly the most frustrating puzzle I have ever attempted. All you have to do is put the pieces back into the box. Apparently there are 19,186 correct ways of doing it. Mr Barton is yet to find one.

Really Good Maths Games Websites


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