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Mr Barton's Free Maths ebook of Notes and Examples

I have assembled all of my notes and examples for Key Stage 3 and 4 (that's everything up to GCSE) into a single file, which is free to download. I don't claim it covers everything, but hopefully it is a useful guide. This can be printed out or viewed on a computer. Better still, because this is a pdf, it can easily be viewed on a smart phone, iPad, tablet, etc, so you always have your notes with you!

I am aware that there are a couple of mistakes in there. Please let me know if you spot one, and I will include it in the "Known Errors" section at the bottom of the page

These notes did take a while to write (it's 374 pages long!), so if you do find them useful please consider making a small donation using the button below. I really hope you find it useful.


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And check out Will Emney's video about the ebook below

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The area of a kite should be 1/2 b x h
Significant Figures, example 4, the answer should be 305,000