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Algebra - General Resources

tarsia jigsaws All the Tarsia jigsaw, domino and card sort activities for the Algebra topics
venn diagrams Venn Diagram activities covering Algebra topics and more
arithmagons Artithmagon activities covering Algebra topics and more
rich maths tasks Rich Maths Tasks, with probing questions, covering Algebra topics and more
diagnostic questions Top quality, free multiple choice questions on Algebra to indentify key misconceptions
GCSE assessments Free assessments, sorted by topic, and aligned to the new (2017) Maths GCSE specifications
worksheets Worksheets with worked solutions, video guides and interactive quizzes covering all Algebra topics and more
Algebra Topics
1. Writing algebraic expressions

2. Simplifying expressions and collecting like terms (including algebraic indices)

3. Expanding and factorising single brackets

4. Expanding and factorising double brackets

5. Formulae and substitution

6. Solving linear equations

7. Solving Simultaneous Equations

8. Straight line graphs

9. Working with co-ordinates

10. Inequalities

11. Equations of circles

12. Sequences and nth term

13. Quadratic Graphs, Equations and Completing the Square

14. Other types of Graphs

15. Algebraic Fractions

16. Transformation of Functions

17. Algebra Investigations