TES Maths November 2016 Newsletter

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Half term may have disappeared in the blink of an eye, but there’s no excuse not to hit the ground running on your return to the classroom. Keep students energised and motivated after the break with these hand-picked resources, selected to reinforce learning in the areas of algebra, geometry, powers and much more.

Thanks – as ever – go to the generous and talented members of the TES Maths community who have shared their lesson ideas with us.

Craig Barton, TES Maths adviser

Number mysteries

  • Problem-solving map mystery
    Ideal for engaging low-attaining classes, this mystery requires students to use their knowledge of basic operations, as well as square and prime numbers, to work out locations on a map.
  • Superhero decimal codebreaker
    Challenge pupils to save Patrick, the mayor of Mathhattan, from the super bad superhero by getting them to employ their decimal skills in this visually appealing activity


  • Odd one out tasks
    Useful as either starter or consolidation activities, this unique collection tests understanding and prompts discussion about a variety of different topics.
  • Simultaneous equations lesson
    In this creative introduction to what can often prove to be a difficult topic, learners solve picture-based puzzles before moving on to their algebraic form.

Geometry and measures

  • Area and volume formulae revision
    Complete with a summary quiz, these fill-in-the-blank worksheets offer examples and questions to help pupils to remember the formulae they need for their exams.
  • Geometry of circles and cylinders
    Students use their knowledge of circles and cylinders to solve realistic engineering problems related to the designing, building and operation of the Thames Tideway Tunnel.

Powers of 10

  • Dividing by powers of 10 lesson
    Reinforce learners’ understanding of place value using this well-structured lesson on dividing numbers by powers of 10, including a range of questions.
  • Multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000
    Using place value grids and counters, pupils work through these worksheets to practise basic fluency before moving on to more complex reasoning and problem solving.

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