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What is it?
Increasingly these days I find myself dipping into the wonderful world of primary maths resources on TES. A lack of knowledge of exactly what maths is taught and how maths is covered in Key Stage 1 and 2 has been a real failing of my career to date, and I am determined to rectify that. And this resource is perfect for exactly this purpose and more besides. It gives an overview of the kind of skills students need to develop in Key Stage 1, early Key Stage 2 and upper Key Stage 2. This is useful in itself, but the resource also provides suggestions and links to superb resources and activities that could be used to help consolidate and develop students’ understanding without using a worksheet.

How can it be used?
As I say, from the perspective of providing an overview of the breadth and level of maths students study at primary school, this resource is essential for me as a secondary school maths teacher. I now always have it to hand when planning a lesson for my Year 7s. But it is also incredibly useful for giving me ideas. For example, the links to NRICH activities for basic number operations, together with practical suggestions for developing conceptual understanding of fractions are top-draw. I will certainly be making use of this wonderful resource when planning Year 7 lessons, but also when planning for all my classes and I am looking for an alternative to a worksheet, or something to help support the development of conceptual understanding.

Thanks so much for sharing
Craig Barton

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