Algebra Exit Tickets: TES Maths Resource of the Week

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What is it?
Exit tickets are a very popular form of formative assessment. They usually consist of a single question given out in the final few minutes of the lesson for the students to complete, which is then handed back to the teacher as students leave the room. The idea is that the answers given by the students help inform the planning of the next maths lesson. For exit tickets to be successful they need to be super-quick to mark, and also kind on the photocopying budget. Fortunately, this wonderful collection of algebra exit tickets is exactly that. The questions are really well chosen, beautifully presented, and organise so four tickets fit on each side of A4.

How can it be used?
Exit tickets can certainly be used in the traditional sense, but I have a little twist I like the throw into the mix – the Delayed Exit Ticket. Given the widely cited distinction between learning and performance and the benefits of spaced learning, we can potentially make exit tickets an even more powerful tool by delaying their release. Say I have just taught a sequence of lessons on straight line graphs to my class, and last term we studied solving equations. In the final few minutes of the lesson I might presented them with two exit tickets. The straight line graphs one would give me an indication of how students are performing in the current topic and allow me to identify any misconceptions, whereas the solving equations exit ticket would give me a indication of how much students have retained from that previous topic, whilst also tapping into the benefits of spaced retrieval.

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