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My wife says I have too many websites. She is correct. Here they all are.


Diagnostic Questions keyboard_arrow_up
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The world's largest selection of multiple choice questions on most school subjects (not just maths!). Use the questions in lesson for high-quality formative assessment.

Eedi keyboard_arrow_up
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Set your students diagnostic quizzes, and then let Eedi support them in resolving their misconceptions with bespoke feedback, videos, fluency practice and problem solving.

Tips for Teachers keyboard_arrow_up
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Hundreds of tips on all aspects of teaching from some of education's brightest minds. The tips are sorted into themes, and are available in audio and video form

Variation Theory keyboard_arrow_up
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Sequences of questions that are all related to each other. Students are encouraged to reflect, expect, check and explain in order to reason mathematically.

SSDD Problems keyboard_arrow_up
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Sets of four questions which all share a similar surface feature, but whose deep mathematical structure is different. This helps students method select and problem solve.

Maths Venns keyboard_arrow_up
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Challenge your students to come up with examples for each of the regions in the Venn Diagram. Sometimes a region will be impossible - can students explain why?

DQ a Day keyboard_arrow_up
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Take diagnostic questions to a new level by using real life explanation to encourage your students to think hard about the incorrect answers.