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Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a sudoku expert? Well then, take Mr Barton's Sudoku Challenge:

1. Select the difficulty of Sudoku you want to attempt from the drop-down menu.
2. When the new puzzle has loaded, start the timer and try to complete the Sudoku as quickly as possible,
3. When finished, stop the clock, let the computer check your answer (if you have no red squares, then you are correct!) and then make a note of your score
4. Come back again another day and try to beat your score (the puzzle changes each time you visit the page, and of course, the lower the score the better!).
5. Whenever you are solving the Sudokus as quickly as you can, then trying increasing the difficulty level using the drop-down menu.

According to scientists, doing sudokus regularly will keep your brain young, fit and healthy. They also help you develop thinking skills and promote logical thinking, which are essential for success at maths. So just think of that when you are tearing your hair out trying to fit that stupid number 5 in!

This live puzzle is brought to you by the excellent sudokupuzz.com

Sudoku from SudokuPuzz.com