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Assorted Starter Puzzles

powerpoint oral and mental starters some ideas and examples of oral and mental starters which can be made applicable to all ages and abilities
powerpoint starter questions a collection of challenging but interesting starter questions
word quick brain teasers a few brain teasers to throw in during a lesson to keep your pupils on their toes
word challenges a few challenging questions to get everyone thinking
Starter Ideas
A small collection of ideas for starter activities to engage pupils. each one contains possible extension activities
word 1. digit cards 2. flip flops 3. triangle
word 4. fizz buzz wheeze 5. ping pong 6. high jump
Poster Puzzles
Here are some puzzles for the classroom walls, which could maybe form part of some kind of weekly competition
word Puzzle 1 Puzzle 2 Puzzle 3
word Puzzle 4 Puzzle 5 Puzzle 6
Problem Solving
A series of challenging problem solving questions from Canada. Tricky, but good.
word Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11
Starter Cards
A set of Starter Cards on powerpoint from the wonderful liverpool maths team. The idea is that you print out the cards, laminate them, and use the prompts on the back to engage the pupils in a stimulating discussion.
powerpoint examples algebra number
powerpoint shape data key stage 4
Whilst the popularity of SuDoku seems to be on the way down, I still believe it is a powerful tool for developing students' thinking and problem solving skills... and it is pretty good for leaving as cover work too!
excel sudoku generator a little program that will generate puzzles off various levels of difficulty, which can be printed off. It also provides hints on how to solve them.
powerpoint 6 by 6 a simpler version of the puzzle. print out or just project on the board for whole class discussion
powerpoint fairly easy 9 fairly easy sudoku puzzles
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