Beat the nation

Beat the nation is a way to spice up revision and get you thinking harder. I have chosen three of the worst answered questions from the Revision Quizzes on my Diagnostic Questions website. Your challenge is to see:

1. Can you get each question right?
2. Which do you think is the worst answered question?
3. What do you think is the most popular choice of wrong answer for each question?
4. Can you explain why other students might choose these wrong answers?
5. How would you help them?

And remember, 1000s of students are struggling with these, so do not fear if you find them tricky too!

The SATs quizzes may be useful if you are in Years 5, 6, 7, 8

The GCSE quizzes may be useful if you are in Years 9, 10, 11.

I have also created an answer template for students to record their thoughts and explanations which you can download here


TEACHERS: during school closures, here are two ways you might like to use these resources:

1. Live lesson
If you are feeling brave, you can use the PowerPoint below in a live online lesson with your students alongside something like Zoom, Google Meets or Microsoft Teams. Share your screen, and challenge them to get the questions correct, identify the worst answered question, etc. Students could share their thoughts in the chat box. And then go through the answers.

2. Assign independent work
Send students a link to the video so they can pause it, work through the questions themselves, and then resume to hear me attempt to explain the answers. I have heard from lots of parents who are enjoying working through the videos with their students.


I hope you find them useful.


Beat the nation: SATskeyboard_arrow_up
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SATs - Week 1 (PowerPoint)

SATs - Week 2 (PowerPoint)

SATs - Week 3 (PowerPoint) - no sound for some reason :-(

SATs - Week 4 (PowerPoint)

SATs - Week 5 (PowerPoint)

SATs - Week 6 (PowerPoint)

SATs - Week 7 (PowerPoint)

SATs - Week 8 (PowerPoint)

Beat the nation: GCSE Foundationkeyboard_arrow_up
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GCSE Foundation - Week 1 (PowerPoint)

GCSE Foundation - Week 2 (PowerPoint)

GCSE Foundation - Week 3 (PowerPoint) - no sound for some reason :-(

GCSE Foundation - Week 4 (PowerPoint)

GCSE Foundation - Week 5 (PowerPoint)

GCSE Foundation - Week 6 (PowerPoint)

GCSE Foundation - Week 7 (PowerPoint)

GCSE Foundation - Week 8 (PowerPoint)

Beat the nation: GCSE Higherkeyboard_arrow_up
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GCSE Higher - Week 1 (PowerPoint)

GCSE Higher - Week 2 (PowerPoint)

GCSE Higher - Week 3 (PowerPoint) - no sound for some reason :-(

GCSE Higher - Week 4 (PowerPoint)

GCSE Higher - Week 5 (PowerPoint)

GCSE Higher - Week 6 (PowerPoint)

GCSE Higher - Week 7 (PowerPoint)

GCSE Higher - Week 8 (PowerPoint)