TES Top 10 Resources: Numeracy across the Curriculum

The following collection of resources have been assembled by the TES Maths Panel. They can be downloaded for free by registering on the TES website.

Numeracy across the curriculum is back, and this time it’s a big deal. There is more focus than ever on schools ensuring that their pupils are taught numeracy and literacy as well as their usual school subjects. The big numeracy launch may well have happened in your school, or is in the pipeline to do so. Make sure you stay ahead of the game and check out the top ten resources on numeracy across the curriculum.

Top 10 resources:

Bath bombs and rockets

Age range: 11-14 Format: Video and Word

An excellent resource that has cross-curricular links with science and design technology. The project gets pupils to run their own cosmetics company and they have to create the cosmetics they sell, market and make them.

WW2 Cross-curricular code-breaking project

Age range: 11-16 Format: Word and PowerPoint

Linking history and maths, this code breaking activity is an ideal project idea to get pupils solving problems. There are a variety of different codes to crack and the pupils are also shown examples of these types of code-breaking which led to British victory in WW2.

Statistics: reaction timer challenge

Age range: 11-14 Format: PowerPoint

Cross-curricular links with PE and Science, this resource is all about encouraging pupils to come up with a hypothesis, test it and then evaluate it. Pupils test their reactions and draw out plenty of statistics.

The Shakespeare quiz

Age range: 11-16 Format: PowerPoint

This resource is the perfect way to introduce William Shakespeare. Pupils are given all the facts about the famous playwright and encouraged to make calculations based on these facts.

Standard form ‘world facts’ worksheet

Age range: 11-16 Format: Publisher

Excellent for some practical, real life uses of standard form. Pupils are encouraged to learn standard form and apply it to some interesting world facts.

Gambling: What’s your attitude?

Age range: 11-16 Format: Word, PowerPoint and Website

Discussing controversial topics like gambling can be made that little bit easier by discussing the facts and figures of the subject. These resources link mathematics with PSHE by allowing pupils to attempt this facts and figures quiz.

Property tycoon

Age range: 11-16 Format: Word and JPEG picture

Linking business studies and maths, this resource requires pupils to adopt roles to build properties, purchased materials, deal with taxation and develop their business communication skills.

Les Animaux

Age range: 11-14 Format: PowerPoint and Word

This PowerPoint gets pupils to learn the names of different popular animals in French, and then encourages them to collect data on the pets of their peers. Lots of different types of statistical diagrams can be drawn based on the results.

Mathematics of co-ordinates

Age range: 11-14 Format: Publisher and PowerPoint

Geography and maths cross-curricular link. When teaching grid references in geography, pupils will need to have some mathematical understanding of co-ordinates and scales already.

Design argument: The Golden Ratio

Age range: 11-16 Format: PowerPoint

This PowerPoint presentation highlights how influential the Golden Ratio is to our everyday lives. It includes pictures of objects in nature, architecture, science and space that are influenced by the ratio. Ideal for use in an art and design lesson as well as other different subjects across the curriculum.

Gareth Fairclough, Maths Secondary Panel

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