TES Maths ROTW 40 – Quiz, Quiz, Trade: Rounding

June 7, 2014 - TES, TES Resource of the Week (ROTW)

I am a big, big fan of Quiz, Quiz, Trade activities. I find they are a really good way of getting students engaged and talking to each other about mathematics. They encourage students to check each other’s answers and help each other out in a meaningful and positive way. It is often during those little conversations between students that the deepest learning can take place. And when they can be used to spice up a rather dull topic, like rounding numbers, then even better!

This lovely Quiz, Quiz, Trade resource also has the added nice touch of a selection of three differentiated questions at the start to allow students to decide which level of questions they wish to start on. They can then “trade up” to the next level at any stage when they feel comfortable enough. A lovely activity that leads to a noisy, but engaged maths classroom!

Thank you for sharing!

Craig Barton

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