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TES Maths ROTD: December 2015

Each day I select one of my favourite free maths resources that have been uploaded and shared by the generous and incredibly talented users of the TES Maths website and tweet it out via @TESmaths. I call this feature Resource of the Day (ROTD).

Here are my January selections. Just click on the resource description to download it.

And of course, all the resources selected are completely free. You just need to register on the TES website to download them.  And as ever, a huge thank you to all the teachers who share resources. You make TES what it is  :-)

1st December: Design a uniform is a fun project that calls upon loads of basic maths skills
2nd December: Numeracy across the Curriculum quiz could be used as a transition day or end of term quiz
3rd December: Can students create an accurate measuring instrument from a plastic bottle?
4th December: This Distance-Time Graphs lesson is simply superb 
5th December: I love these “create your own questions”. This one’s on statistics & probability
6th December: An interactive, engaging lesson on ordering fractions
7th December: A simple, but very effective homework on proportions and recipes 
8th December: a lovely treasure hunt, all one on sheet of paper, covering basic maths skills 
9th December: This straight line graph matching activity has an extra degree of challenge! 
10th December: Test knowledge of solving GCSE grade A to C linear equations via calculator colouring!
11th December: Investigating negative numbers by looking at temperature difference 
12th December: Practise 4 operations with algebraic fractions with this lovely Tarsia 
13th December: Use Straight Line Graphs to plot a Lion. What more could you want? 
14th December: Let’s get festive – measure and draw angles in the context of Home Alone 
15th December: James Bond in “The School Inspectre” – a wonderful set of festive maths activities 
16th December: The Pointless Christmas 2014 Quiz remains one of my all time favourites 
17th December: Constructing a Snow Flake is a challenging, worthwhile, engaging activity
18th December: A classic Christmas Tarsia activity 
19th December: A timeless TES classic maths mystery – Who Killed Santa?
20th December: The Christmas Pirate Game is fun for all the family 
21st December: A classic Christmas Quiz to use with friends & family now school has (finally) broken up!

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