TES Maths ROTD: December 2016

Each day I select one of my favourite free maths resources that have been uploaded and shared by the generous and incredibly talented users of the TES Maths website and tweet it out via @TESmaths. I call this feature Resource of the Day (ROTD).

Here are my December selections. Just click on the resource description to download it.

And of course, all the resources selected are completely free. You just need to register on the TES website to download them.  And as ever, a huge thank you to all the teachers who share resources. You make TES what it is  :-)

1st December: A nice way to practice key numeracy skills working with money 
2nd December: A fantastic standard from planet activity with answers! 
3rd December: A lovely pair of resources covering key GCSE area and volume formulae
4th December: Practice key skills through this problem solving codebreaker! 
5th December: I love this odd-one-out format. So versatile! 
6th December: A great set of questions to help develop fluency was AS coordinate geometry 
7th December: Something a bit different! A lovely bird watching resource from the RSPB!
8th December: “10 a day” is a really simple, effective way of improve students’ maths vocab 
9th December: A superb, comprehensive introduction to simultaneous equations
10th December: If your students are taking the AQA Decision 1 module, this is ideal! 
11th December: A lovely set of activities for visualising and working with nets of cubes
12th December: This excellent data handing activity covers all the averages in an engaging way
13th December: A fantastic selection of questions on adding & subtracting directed numbers 
14th December: A lovely open-ended activity to investigate straight lines 
15th December: A classic Bowland mini data tasks gets a 2016 update :-) 
16th December: A colourful poster of facts about the divisibility of large numbers 
17th December: A useful lesson on converting speeds to different formats 
18th December: An outstanding maths mystery that covers key aspects of basic numeracy 
19th December: “Around the World” is ram-packed full of fun, mathematical goodness! 
20th December: If you’ve not constructed your own decorations, you’ve never lived! 

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