TES Maths Newsletter: June 2017

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With the summer holidays in sight, what better time to review the crucial skills that students have learnt throughout the year? To make this as easy as possible, I’ve pulled together a selection of some of my favourite, top-rated resources to support learners as they revisit their old friends: algebra, probability and the four operations.

Once again, a big thank you must go to the kind and generous Tes Maths community, whose resources continue to help make teaching and learning mathematics endlessly engaging.

Craig Barton, Tes Maths adviser

Four operations

  • Addition and subtraction activity
    Encourage younger students to nuture a deeper understanding of the process and meaning of adding and subtracting with this selection of problem-solving cards.
  • Bus stop division presentation
    Introduce learners to the bus stop method of division using this interactive presentation, complete with starters, clear examples and differentiated consolidation questions.
  • Long multiplication worksheets
    Develop pupils’ understanding of multiplication using these scaffolded worksheets, jam-packed with non-routine questions covering a variety of methods.


  • Algebraic expressions booklet
    Including a wide range of ready-to-use practice questions, this versatile resource explores a number of key algebraic skills and comes complete with answers.
  • Manipulating algebraic expressions
    Covering 11 topics, this collection of thought-provoking tasks allows more-able students to start spotting useful patterns as they progress.
  • Algebraic magic square
    ​Use this simple idea to get pupils simplifying algebraic expressions by expanding linear brackets, collecting like terms and using logical reasoning.


  • Bottle-flipping exercise
    Cover the abstract concept of experimental probability with this innovative activity, in which learners investigate fractions, decimals and percentages.
  • Venn diagrams presentation
    Help older students to identify and shade the key regions of a Venn Diagram, including unions and intersections, with this clear set of animations.
  • Tree diagram problems
    ​Challenge pupils to delve a little deeper into probability and tree diagrams by working through this selection of extension questions.

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