TES Maths Newsletter 9

Check out the resources and links in the newsletter below. They all link to the very best TES Maths resources, which are completely free once you register on the website.

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Star resourceWeb Whizz videos
Take a five-minute trip around some of the most interesting maths websites in the world.

Top 10 Resources

Dodgy supermarket offers
An excellent example of why good basic maths skills can help you in everyday situations. Can your students spot the problems with these dodgy offers?

Mathematical Pointless
The hit BBC quiz show Pointless gets a challenging maths makeover. Your students will love this.

The terrific trio go treasure hunting
A beautifully-written story that takes your students on an adventure through vectors, trigonometry, straight line graphs, and more.

QR Code: statistics revision
Make the most of the apps on your students’ smart phones with this excellent treasure hunt.

Hanging out the dirty data
Show your students how to deal with dirty data with this resource from the Royal Statistical Society.

Free online Autograph activities
Check out more than 100 free Autograph challenges.

Outdoor Loci
What better way to teach your students the key concepts of loci than to get them outside and becoming part of the problem themselves?

Shape Taboo
Help your students develop their mathematical literacy skills, and their ability to describe key concepts with a fun game of Taboo.

Functional exam booklet
A wonderful resource that will help your students develop those all-important skills necessary to succeed.

Olympic maths mysteries
This collection of mysteries can be used long after the Olympic Village has closed its doors.

TopicalDec12 middle

Maths news and chat

Get involved in the next maths podcast
Our next topic is teaching fractions, plus our maths adviser Craig Barton will be chatting to NCTEM director Celia Hoyles. Get your questions in now.

Making maths more engaging
Teachers share their top tips on how to make maths lessons interactive, creative and engaging.

Mathematics scholarship for top graduate teachers 
Join the debate on the impact of this new scheme on maths teaching.

Extension activities for gifted maths students
Advice on enrichment possibilities and resources to help extend these year 8 students.

Classroom displays
Maths teachers chat about what they will be putting up on their walls this term.

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