Probability of Combined Events: GCSE Maths Question of the Week (Higher)

January 6, 2017 - Uncategorized
Probability of Combined Events: GCSE Maths Question of the Week (Higher)

Can your students solve a tricky combined probability question? There’s only one way to find out!

The latest edition of my GCSE Maths Question of the Week series is a lovely Combined Probability question provided exclusively for my Diagnostic Questions website by OCR. However, the content is suitable no matter which exam board you are following.

Here is one suggestion for using this resource:


All of this is free.

At our school we are using this once a week with our Year 11 classes. I really hope you and your students find it useful.

Download the worksheet

  Get extra help on Combined Probability

Try the Question online
View the Question Data and Explanations

Try the Quiz online
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For all the questions in this series, please visit my GCSE Maths Question of the Week page.

2 thoughts on “Probability of Combined Events: GCSE Maths Question of the Week (Higher)

kim Kelly

If you spin the above spinners ‘twice’ the probability of having a total of 2 is

the smallest total would be 4; since each spinner has been spun twice. Even in your video you only used a single spin for each spinner.

It is language that stops students from being successful at probability!


    You are spot on. On reflection, it was a very poor choice of question by me! I 100% agree that the correct answer should be 0.


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