Gapminder World Video Collection

The following page lists all the Gapminder World videos I have created. This is a wonderful tool for looking at real life scatter graphs, but far more than that it is a fantastic way to engage students in data and statistics, and how the relate to the real world.

I tend to look at a different graph each half with each year group and challenge them to tell me what it reveals. I have also had success with this as an end of year cross-curricular project, with students pulling in their knowledge of geography, history, citizenship and economics to tell the story of the world! :-)

1. Introduction

2. Health and Wealth

3. Marriage and Children

4. BMI and Teeth

5. Who is best at Maths?

6. Income and Growth

7. CO2 Emissions

8. Labour Force Participation Rate

9. Population Growth Rates

10. Employment Rates

11. Gapminder and Autograph


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