Diagnostic Question Bundles 5: FDPs, 3D Co-ordinates, Trigonometry Graphs

Plenty of brand new maths diagnostic (hinge) multiple choice questions for you this week, as I try my very best to maintain my “5 questions a day” challenge.

And please, check out the Question of the Week feature, where each week I choose a question and go into the pedagogy of it and share my experiences of using it in the classroom.

Here is this week’s offering:

Fraction, Decimal and Percentage Conversions

Using the graphs of trigonometric functions

Domain and Range of inverse functions

3D Co-ordinates

Chinese method of written multiplication

Speed, Distance, Time problems

Plans and Elevations

Venn Diagrams

I really hope you and your students find them useful. And if you get chance, please get creating and sharing some maths diagnostic (hinge) questions yourselves with your colleagues and students!


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