Circle Theorems Secret Question: TES Maths Resource of the Week

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What is it?
Unbelievably, this is lovely activity is the very first resource created and shared by its author. Taking the idea of Exit Tickets but turning it on its head, the concept of a Secret Question is that students are each handed one at the start of the lesson, and have the duration of the lesson to complete it, along with whatever other work they are doing. They then give the slip back to the teacher at the end of the lesson, allowing for some quick and meaningful assessment. The advantage of this over the quick-fire Exit Ticket is that the questions selected can be more long-form, less structured and more challenging. Indeed, as can be seen in the resource itself, the concept lends itself particularly well to a demanding topic such as Circle Theorems, especially with the exception for the new Maths GCSE that students are able to prove why the theorems work. Students will certainly benefit from the extra time allowed to discuss and consider these, before submitting their answer to the secret question!

How can it be used?
The format of the activity is clearly explained by the author herself. I guess one challenge will be ensuring that the students do not spend the entire lesson on the question to the detriment of the other tasks they are supposed to be working on, but that will get sorted as they become more experienced with the Secret Question. As with Exit Tickets, I really like the discrete nature of the Secret Question. I find that students are far more likely to be honest with their attempts, and communicate any weaknesses, when asked to do so privately via a question that they hand in to the teacher, as opposed to any whole class questioning or assessment activity. I just wish the first resources that I created were this good!

Thanks so much for sharing
Craig Barton

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