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Gapminder World Video 11 – Gapminder and Autograph
In this video, we fuse together two of my favourite things – Gapminder World and Autograph. We see how we can process the data from Gapminder using [...]
Gapminder World Video 10 – Employment Rates
This week we take a look at Employment Rates around the world. Is it the case that the richer you are, the higher proportion of your population are in [...]
Gapminder World Video 9 – Population Growth Rates
In a video dedicated to Chris Holden, Amy Holden and their beautiful new baby daughter Isabelle Rose Holden, this week we look at some time series data on [...]
Gapminder World Video 8 – Labour Force Participation Rate
What percentage of males aged 15 to 64 are employed in countries across the world? What regions have the highest levels of employment? Is it to do with [...]
Gapminder World Video 7 – C02 Emissions
Which country in the world is the highest emitter of C02 per person and how has this changed over time? As ever, there is only one way to find out and you [...]
Gapminder World Video 6 – Income and Growth
Is there a relationship between the wealth of a country and it’s growth rate? Do rich counties keep getting richer, or do poorer countries grow [...]
Gapminder World Video 5 – Who is best at Maths?
What is the relationship between a country’s wealth and their children’s maths scores? Which country’s children perform best at maths? [...]
Gapminder World Video 4 – BMI and Teeth
Is there a link between how wealthy a country is and the average Body Mass Index of its population? Is there a link between the wealth of a country and the [...]
Gapminder World Video 3 – Marriage and Children
Here we look at the relationship between the age women are getting married and their fertility rate, and we observe some startling results. Once again [...]
Gapminder World Video 2 – Health and Wealth
A look at how the world has developed over the last two hundred years by focusing on the relationship between a country’s life expectancy and the [...]
Gapminder World Video 1 – Introduction
An introduction which takes you through how to access the Gapminder World website and how to use some of the basic tools, such as how to select different [...]