Question Bundles

GCSE Maths Premium Quizzes
As you may know, I have created two free GCSE quizzes based on the Edexcel June 2014 Higher Tier maths papers. The idea was that these would test the same [...]
GCSE Fractions Quiz
I created this 10 questions quiz on Fractions for my Year 11 class testing all the key skills they will need for their forthcoming GCSEs, including [...]
GCSE Maths Countdown: Days 100 to 91
As I mentioned in a previous post, each day I am tweeting out one Higher and one Foundation Maths GCSE Diagnostic Question. I have chosen these to cover as [...]
Just for Fun Quizzes for the last week of Christmas term
With the Christmas holidays almost here, and just one more week of school to get through, I thought it might be useful to write a few non-maths quizzes [...]
Maths Diagnostic Question Bundles 12: More Quizzes! :-)
Loads more top quality quizzes have been added to the maths Diagnostic Questions website this week, both by myself and by other users. This makes me very [...]
Maths Diagnostic Question Bundles 11: Quizzes!
We are approaching a very exciting phase in the development of our maths Diagnostic Questions website with lots of lovely new features arriving very soon [...]
Maths Diagnostic Questions Bundles 10: Speed, Density, Probability, Scatter Diagrams
As we finally head into half term week, here is a flavour of the latest bundle of maths multiple choice / hinge / diagnostic questions that I have written [...]
Maths Diagnostic Question Bundles 9: Bias, Surds, Fractions and Integration
Another bundle of maths multiple choice questions (or hinge questions) from my maths diagnostic questions website. Once again, lots of lovely questions [...]
Maths Diagnostic Question Bundles 8: Sequences, Brackets, Iteration
Another week, another set of question bundles on my Diagnostic Questions website. The number of diagnostic / hinge questions written by other authors is [...]
Maths Diagnostic Question Bundles 7: A Level and GCSE Questions
An exciting week in the world of my free maths Diagnostic Questions website. Not only did we breeze past the 3,000 question and 6,000 registered users [...]
Maths Diagnostic Question Bundles 6: Transforming Functions, Circles, etc
We are edging ever closer to 3000 mathematics diagnostic questions and 6000 followers on the Maths Diagnostic (hinge) Questions website. I am so pleased [...]
Diagnostic Question Bundles 5: FDPs, 3D Co-ordinates, Trigonometry Graphs
Plenty of brand new maths diagnostic (hinge) multiple choice questions for you this week, as I try my very best to maintain my “5 questions a [...]
Diagnostic Question Bundles 4: Time, Pythagoras, Surds, Algebra and more
Not quite as many new sets of maths diagnostic (hinge) questions as I would have liked this week, but I do have a good excuse… I have completely [...]
Diagnostic Question Bundles 3: Functions, Place Value, Congruency and more!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, so after making my big claim that I was going to write 20 diagnostic (or hinge) questions a week for my website back in July, I [...]
Diagnostic Question Bundles 2: Box Plots and A Level
Okay, so I am a little bit behind on posting my brand new set of Diagnostic Questions bundle this week. However, I hope you will forgive me as it has been [...]
Diagnostic Question Bundles 1: Fractions, Surds and Indices
So, I have set myself the challenge of writing at least 20 fresh Diagnostic Questions each week on my website. Each week I will choose a couple of [...]