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Focusing GCSE Maths Revision
With just 2 weeks to go until Paper 1 of the Edexcel and AQA GCSE Maths Exam, I just wanted to share with you something I am doing with my lovely Year 11 [...]
New Maths Rich Tasks
Possibly to take my mind off the upcoming GCSE and A Level exams, I have been busying myself by uploading a selection of free maths rich tasks to TES. Each [...]
Build an Army: New, free maths activites
I have uploaded a bundle of free activities I have created to the TES website, called “Build an Army: Strength in Numbers“. And yes, the title [...]
GCSE Maths Premium Quizzes
As you may know, I have created two free GCSE quizzes based on the Edexcel June 2014 Higher Tier maths papers. The idea was that these would test the same [...]
GCSE Fractions Quiz
I created this 10 questions quiz on Fractions for my Year 11 class testing all the key skills they will need for their forthcoming GCSEs, including [...]
New Diagnostic Questions features
I have recorded a new “Diagnostic Questions in 2 and half minutes” video to showcase the main features of the website. I have also updated the [...]
GCSE Maths Revision: GCSE Maths Takeaway
Much to my wife’s dismay, I spent most of my Easter holidays building up my GCSE Maths Takeaway page. I wanted a single page where my Year 11 [...]
Students using Diagnostic Questions to identify weak areas
Today marks “50 days to go until GCSE Paper 1“. Just typing it makes me a bit twitchy. With that in mind, I thought I would share a revision [...]
Maths GCSE and A Level Revision Updates
Just a quick note to say that I have added a few updates to my GCSE Maths Revision Page and my AQA A Level Past Papers page that you (or your students) [...]
Introducing… GCSE Revision Streams!
We have a brand new feature at Diagnostic Questions that I am very excited to tell you about. It goes by the name of GCSE Revision Streams, and they work [...]
Five things we do with our GCSE Maths classes
Last week I was lucky enough to present a workshop at the wonderful La Salle National Maths Conference entitled “Five things we do with our GCSE [...]
100 Days to the Maths GCSE Exam
Unless my maths is wrong (which could well be the case), I reckon that today, Tuesday 24th February 2015, marks 100 days until the non-calculator Edexcel [...]
Links and Freebies update!
Only about 3 years after I originally intended to do it, I have finally got round to updating my list of my favourite maths websites and my Essential [...]
Secrets and Mince Pies
So, it is that time of year where I shamelessly plug my festive (non maths!) novel, Secrets and Mince Pies. It is the tale of a northern family, in the [...]
Effective GCSE Maths Revision
Each week I put together a 10 question maths Diagnostic Quiz for my lovely higher tier Year 11 GCSE Maths class. They get set it on a Monday, and it is due [...]
TES Maths Christmas Game 2014
There has been a bit of a festive tradition here at TES Maths. Around this time of year, a game/activity usually appears on my radar that goes on to become [...]
New Maths A Level delayed until September 2017
Yes, over fears that students will not be ready to make the jump from the current GCSE to the new Maths A Level, the Government has announced that its [...]
Diagnostic Questions: Exciting New Features :-)
On Monday we launched a load of new features on our Diagnostic Questions website. These are all free, and include the ability to: Import students and [...]
Probing Maths Questions 3: Will they meet?
For all the rich maths tasks and probing questions in this series, and for the pedagogy behind the concept, please visit the Probing Maths Questions Index [...]
Probing Maths Questions 2 – Complete – Choose 3 Numbers
For all the rich maths tasks and probing questions in this series, and for the pedagogy behind the concept, please visit the Probing Maths Questions Index [...]