Angles and Kandinsky: TES Maths Resource of the Week

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What is it?
Time for a bit of culture on the Resource of the Week! Measuring angles is one of those skills that students need to develop, but can often be a little dull. Well, why not spice it up by having students measure angles and check relationships on the paintings of everyone’s favourite 20th century Russian painter, Wassily Kandinsky! The artist made beautiful use of straight lines, triangles and quadrilaterals, all of which can be measured and checked by students, whilst at the same time exposing them to some lovely art work.Better still, this activity form part of a larger lesson which recaps key angle facts and then goes on to look at constructions, all presented in clear step-by-step fashion.

How can it be used?
The lesson that contains the Kandinsky measuring activity is really well structured. As ever, it is important to adapt it to the needs of your class and your teaching style, inserting, removing and modifying slides accordingly. This task could also lead to students finding other mathematically inspired artwork for homework and bringing in their findings. Or, why not see if you have your own budding Kandinsky in the class by setting them the challenge of creating an piece of art that contains at least three geometrical facts? If you do, and given that Kandinsky’s paintings regularly sell for multi millions of pounds, make sure to negotiate 20% of any future profits.

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