Algebraic Formula: New Secondary Maths Curriculum Collection 6

Each fortnight, I will put together a selection of resources designed to help cover the objectives of the new 2014 maths curriculum for secondary schools (Key Stage 3). These are all freely available from the TES website.

You can find the full collection here

I hope you find them useful

Pupils should be taught to:

substitute numerical values into formulae and expressions, including scientific formulae 

Differentiated substitution lesson

A fantastic set of resources for a lesson on substitution, with differentiation built into the lesson.
Shading substitution worksheet

A worksheet where you substitute the values into the expression and shade the answers – great for main activity.
Crossnumber worksheet on substitution

A crossnumber activity – substitution into expressions.
Algebra CSI activity on substitution

A CSI substitution activity – substitution into formulae. This activity should be printed and laminated.

understand and use standard mathematical formulae; rearrange formulae to change the subject 

Changing the subject of the formula lesson

A great PowerPoint-based lesson on changing the subject of an equation (two levels). A very well-structured lesson for introducing the topic for the first time.
Multiple choice: Changing the subject of the formula

A multiple-choice quiz on rearranging the formulae, a great plenary activity.
Rearranging formula activity

A rearranging formula activity where the formula is given and you want to find one of the other variables.

model situations or procedures by translating them into algebraic expressions or formulae and by using graphs 

Standards unit – Constructing equations and expressions

An easily-differentiated activity for the task of sorting out the difference between these four types of algebraic notation.
Algebraic expressions lesson

A PowerPoint presentation on using functions to write algebraic expressions and vice-versa – a good solid lesson.
Writing equations using rods

A visual way of introducing how to form algebraic expressions – using rods. This is a great lesson to introduce the concept of writing expressions and for later rearranging the equation.
Phone contracts worksheet

An activity and worksheet that explores using inverse function machines to answer problems and then representing data graphically.

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