Jo Morgan – Resourceaholic

January 10, 2016 - Podcast
Jo Morgan – Resourceaholic

On this episode of the Mr Barton Maths Podcast I spoke to Jo Morgan. Jo is a secondary school maths teacher, the creator of the amazing Resourceaholic blog, and a prolific Twitter user. If it was up to me, I would make her regular “Maths Gems” posts compulsory reading for all maths teachers, as they highlight the most interesting, innovative practises and resources out there.

I planned to speak to Jo for about an hour, but it turned into a bit of an epic. I asked Jo loads of things, including:

Why did she become a teacher?
Why did she start her blog?
How does she organise all her resources?
How does she plan her lessons?
Describe a lesson that went badly, and what did she learn from it?
How is she preparing her students for the new GCSE?
What advice does she have for student teachers or NQTs?

Jo’s excellent Resourceaholic blog can be found here:
And on Twitter she is @mathsjem:

Here are the links to Jo’s Big 3:
1. AS Resource Page:
2. New Maths GCSE Page:
3. Blog post on different ways to find the Highest Common Factor:
And, as a bonus, the amazing Pret Homework website:

See you next time!
Craig Barton

2 thoughts on “Jo Morgan – Resourceaholic

Sarah Boyd

Just wanted to say thanks for this great podcast. I love the series but this was my favourite. I loved the advice about teaching being like children’s phases. with everything being temporary. As a mother and second-career new teacher it really resonated with me.

    Jo Morgan

    Thank you! Really nice of you to say.


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